Inspired by the story of Matthew Tyler

Deep in my soul, a secret hid,
From view of those who would forbid,
By every method, old and new,
Expressing how I feel for you.

Each time we meet, you do not know,
The passion burning deep below.
Longingly I look, yet your gaze drifts past,
And falls upon another in the cast.

My body shakes, my soul fit to burst,
This lust for you cannot be reversed.
My self-control, my reserve is tested,
The beating of my heart, arrested.

Is there something in the way you jest,
That has my heart and soul possessed?
In the deepest depths of my despair,
I feel no pain when you are there.

Yet I’m still not sure of the appeal,
Can what I’m feeling really be real?
I fear, with shame, it isn’t right,
To think this way each day and night.

It’s you I long for, there’s no one more,
Your very being my heart adores.
Yet I march on, my feelings hidden,
For loving you is, it seems, forbidden.