Field of poppies

For my niece, Poppy, born 15 February 2018

Welcome to the world, little Poppy,
you have reminded me that life is beautiful.
But when I cradled your fragile body,
I questioned whether life is worthless.

The world is full of sadness and war,
one the one hand, poverty, and death on the other.
But, just as spring follows winter,
you were born after a loss, Poppy.

The name reminds me of a very famous war,
in which millions of innocent people fell.
In commemoration there is a beautiful symbol,
which grew from the fight, the poppy.

With green leaves and red petals,
the poppy reminds us of a very old wish.
That when they give us war, we respond with peace,
we offer tranquility in place of chaos.

The world is shit, we have to confess,
but we possess the key to improve it.
We live how we want and accept the same for everyone,
and also understand, Poppy, that we are only what we are.

You will always be perfect, I can see it in your eyes,
you will give years of happiness to your proud parents.
Whatever happens, remember, forever,
that the life is yours, little Poppy.

This poem was originally written in Catalan and has been translated into English. As such, it does not flow as well, nor rhyme, as the original.

Bon dia, Catalunya

Bon dia, Catalunya

Saturday, 8am, no more can I sleep,
on the balcony I sit, only half-awake, feeling weak.
I spark up a cigarette, sit back in wonder
at what I observe, rolling through the tundra.

Up here, it is peaceful, mostly nature out to play,
save a feint hum of vehicles, in the distance, far away.
The chirping of birds, the crowing of a cockerel,
the call of a wood pigeon, energetic and soulful.

I look out, and around, at the villages in the hills,
houses outnumbered by trees, all calm and still.
The morning sun bounces off everything in sight,
numerous shades of green glisten in the light

Times may be harder in this country paradise,
yet I can’t help but sense a more relaxed way of life.
Though my time here is short, I can’t help but smile and think:
“bon dia, Catalunya, t’estimo moltíssim”.