#CC17: 2 Days to Christmas

Another day, another parody … or two.

The main video I am showcasing in today’s Countdown to Christmas installment is the Parody Project‘s unique take on the classic 12 Days to Christmas.

Reflecting on the first year of Donald Trump’s controversial presidency, 12 Months of Trump’s Mess takes aim at some of the more outlandish policies seen in 2017.

Mr Trump is, of course, always worthy of a parody (his own Twitter feed is almost a parody in itself), as we saw two years ago with CollegeHumour invoking The Grinch and producing You’re a Mean One, Mr Trump.

With only two days left to go before Christmas, I really couldn’t decide which video to include, so I hope you enjoy both.

#CC17: 3 Days to Christmas

Like many people, today is my last day of work before Christmas.

It has been a busy year for me at work, and the past couple of nights I have stayed late to ensure my desk is clear until 2 January.

While I’m driving home tonight, there will likely only be one song in my head, so I thought I would share the Chris Rea classic – complete with some beautiful scenery – with all of you.

#CC17: 4 Days to Christmas

Today there are important elections in Catalonia.

Imposed by the government in Madrid following their controversial application of Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, the elections to the regional parliament round off a turbulent 4 months for the would-be republic.

With one party leader in jail in Madrid, another in exile in Brussels and increasingly damaging, divisive rhetoric characterising the campaign, the Christmas spirit is very much noticeable by its absence in Catalan politics today.

So for today’s Countdown to Christmas installment, I have decided to try to inject a little bit of upbeat Christmas cheer with Obeses and Regala Petons (“Give Kisses”).

Passi el que passi a les urnes d’avui, tothom ha de recordre que mentre només hi ha una Catalunya, és ple de persones qui pensen de maneres diferents -i qui tenen diferents prioritats. Tothom ha de respectar els resultats -independentistes i constitucionalistes- i treballar per millorar el país per a tots.

Des d’Anglaterra, Bon Nadal a tothom i visca Catalunya!

The lyrics roughly translate* as follows:

Give, give kisses.
Give, give kisses,
wrap them in your lips
and accompany them with chocolates.

There are a thousand ways,
all fascinating:
there are some more crude and elegant,
there are some which seem magic or tragic,
there are some more subtle, or restless,
aesthetic and poetic.

There is the big diva kiss,
with a little saliva.
The beautiful kiss of love with great fervour
and the famous movie kiss.
There is the kiss like the one your grandma gives for Christmas,
and the one you give to me is heavenly.

Give kisses, give kisses,
because it is Christmas and they are rampant,
all the passions.

Give, give kisses.
Give, give kisses,
wrap them in your lips
and accompany them with chocolates.

There are all types,
it’s marvellous:
Some are simpler and some pompous,
there are some which are like plastic, they are very disgusting,
there are some very sensible, self-assured,
beautiful, liquifying.

The dense aunt’s kiss
will leave the face clean.
And there is a dangerous one very luxurious:
the feared cannibal kiss.
The lipstick kiss is the most enchanting
and yours will take me to paradise!

Give kisses, give kisses,
because it is Christmas and they are rampant,
all the passions.

More, more, fill the streets.
More, more, fill the streets.
We cannot live without them!

* Roughly translated by me, so apologies for any errors!

#CC17: 5 Days to Christmas

Unless you happen to be employed by Malcolm Tucker, today’s Countdown to Christmas installment is most definitely not safe for work.

It is, however, brilliant and funny.

So, if it is safe to do so, sit back, relax and enjoy Mrs Santa Claus face off against Mary Poppins in this epic festive rap battle!

#CC17: 6 Days to Christmas

It has almost become a tradition on the Countdown to Christmas to include an interpretation of the ever-popular Carol of the Bells, so it would be rude to break that tradition this year.

And while I almost ended up including a dubstep remix of the festive classic this year, in the end I decided to spare those of you with more sensitive hearing from the experience.

Instead, I will leave you to enjoy Lindsey Stirling in this masterful new-to-YouTube retelling of what will always be one of my all-time favourite Christmas tunes.