#LDConf Diary: Day 3

The third day of my first conference started in a way no physical conference ever could: attending a training session while still lying comfortably in bed.

Today was conference-lite for me, attending three training sessions and only dipping in and out of motion debates when time allowed.

The big issue of the day was always going to be the vote on our new EU policy, and as expected the arguments from the speakers and in the live chat were fiery. The choice was between a heavily watered-down policy proposed by the leadership, an amendment calling for an immediate campaign to rejoin or an amendment calling for rejoin as a policy option when the circumstances are right.

Of course an immediate policy of rejoin would almost certainly have meant electoral oblivion, but that did not stop the fanatics stirring for support. In the end, though, it only received the support of around one-quarter of delegates voting. The second amendment and the amended motion both passed with over 90% support.

The EU vote rounded off the main conference for the day, and I took the opportunity to step away from the excitement to grab some dinner and chill with a film.

Tomorrow it’s back to work – but only for half a day before the main event (the leader’s speech) and another couple of final important motions.

The contentious fun is not quite over just yet…

Highlight of the day: the party (somehow) taking a pragmatic approach to our new EU policy

Looking forward to tomorrow: going back to some semblance of normality at work (before coming home in time for Ed Davey’s speech)