#CC18: 9 Days to Christmas

Yes this is really happening.

I should probably feel ashamed right now, and I think part of me is. But it’s still happening.

With the birth of my niece earlier this year, I have been exposed to a number of children’s songs I had long forgotten – and some I had never heard before.

Ironically, the ridiculously annoying yet insanely popular Baby Shark fits neither of those categories. It’s just something I have become aware of through its popularity (though I would point out not through X Factor).

And what does every popular craze do at this time of year when they think they’re on to a good thing? That’s right, they create a festive-themed adaptation to further exploit bring some extra Christmas cheer to the masses.

So with barely a hint of shame or regret, today’s Countdown to Christmas features Santa Shark.

I promise I’ll make it up to you tomorrow!

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