Medway Council tried to use social media for their #MedwayBeacons competition – and it didn’t go very well

This year marks the Queen’s 90th birthday, becoming the only British monarch to ever reach the milestone.

In honour of the special occasion, Medway Council are lighting six beacons across the towns and invited residents to enter a competition to light the main beacon at the Great Lines Heritage Park in Medway:

The republican (that is, anti-monarchist and most certainly not pro-Trump) co-author of the local political blog The Political Medway was the first to enter:

Soon after, a respected local activist made the first of not very many serious entries:

Before talk turned back to the anti-monarchist Jennings:

Never one to miss an opportunity, I’m sure I didn’t stand a chance when I referenced both the EU and British politicians in not a very good light:

The eventual winner is undoubtedly an asset to the Medway community:

Long-term Medway resident Glenn Moore was the last to enter (and, yes, I have included *all* of the entries on this post):

In all, since the competition was launched in the evening of 13 April and the winner was announced yesterday lunchtime, the competition attracted just six entries – and you can judge for yourselves how many of them were “serious”.

Six entries in six days suggests that the answer to my question is most definitely “yes”.

Better luck next time, Medway Council!

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