New Spanish-language blog

As those of you who follow my random musings on Twitter are no doubt already aware, I am moving to Barcelona on Tuesday.

In light of the momentous occasion, I have today launched a new Spanish-language version of this blog and, when I have learnt enough of the language, I will also be launching a third, Catalan-language version.

I am currently going through my blog posts and translating those which I think would be appropriate in Spanish. So far, the new blog only has four posts (including one photo album and one video!), but I will be working to translate more as time goes by.

New posts will either be written in English or Spanish, but not every post will be translated into the other language. You can switch between the two versions using the links under the “Languages” section of the sidebar, but please bear in mind that this will only work on the home page, or where an article is in both languages.

I must also point out that my Spanish is not perfect, and is unlikely to be until I have practiced it more in my new home. However, I am trying to ensure each post is proof-read by a native Spanish speaker before being published, where time allows.

The new blog can be accessed at

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