Medway car parking charges – part 2

As a brief epilogue to the Medway Council car parking charges blunder I exposed last week, it was interesting to note that the Special Urgency Decision was attached to the draft minutes on the Council’s website.

You can find the Decision in two parts (the decision and the appendix listing the correct parking fees) by following the link above, but I have included the first part below.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the document (other than the repetitive nature of paragraph 1.1 – yes, they couldn’t even get the correction right!) is the estimation that the cut in parking charges could have lost Medway Council £250,000 – proving beyond doubt that parking fees are an over-inflated, grotesque tax on motorists from Medway and beyond.

It is also worth noting that the Decision was made and signed off not by one of the 55 councillors you elected to serve you, but by a senior unelected bureaucrat.

Local democracy in action…

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