Letter: 2 September 2011

New ticket machines but no street lights!

I SUPPORT any short-term cost that saves money in the long-term. However, Medway Council have sold residents and visitors short on buying new meters for its car parks.

Whilst it has replaced the ticket machines, the new ones still do not give change, which can only be seen as a cynical move to gain more revenue than they are entitled to at the expense of residents and visitors.

In addition, while they saw fit to replace the ticket machines in Riverside car park in Chatham, they put residents and visitors at risk by not replacing street lights outside the Royal Air Forces Association Club for weeks; a club frequented by the elderly and disabled.

When Medway Council seeks to make improvements to, and spend money in, the Medway area in future, perhaps they could consider the residents whom they serve first.

Alan W Collins, Ombersley Road, Birmingham