Medway blogger launches website offering “a new window on democracy”

Medway blogger Alan W Collins has today launched a brand new website aiming to give Medway residents quicker access to key information about their elected representatives.

The website, titled Democracy in Practice, has been in development for over one year, and has been built from scratch by the blogger.

Visitors to the website can see key information such as contact details, electoral history and the allowances claimed by their local councillors since 2004.

Democracy in Practice boasts a simple design which focuses on the information contained. It also ensures that the information can be see quickly and simply on any Internet-enabled device: from a desktop PC to a smartphone.

Alan said: “This has been a fantastic website to create. Scouring the public domain and submitting Freedom of Information requests was the easy part.

“Building the database and website and entering the information took most of that year. But using a self-coded system also means that there are limitless opportunities to expand the website in the future.

“My number one guiding principle since I started blogging in December 2006 has been supporting an open democracy.

“Democracy in Practice is, I believe, the most important website I have created to promote that principle.”

To visit the website, go to