Alan condemns NatWest decision to close A2 branch in Gillingham

Blogger Alan W Collins has condemned the decision taken by NatWest to close it’s branch on the Watling stretch of the A2.

After news emerged that the bank would renege on its own “Customer Charter” and close “the last bank in town” in July, Alan wrote on his blog that “[t]he continued withdrawal of NatWest services has left me angry and disgusted”.

Local businesses and NatWest customers alike have rallied against the move, which the bank has defended, claiming that the decision could damage the local community, in particular putting businesses at risk by removing passing trade.

Alan said: “When banks such as NatWest’s parent had to be bought out during the banking crisis, they lost the trust their customers had invested in them. To return to a stable and affordable footing sufficient enough for the government to release its shares in the banks, they need to rebuild that trust to existing and potential customers.

“Keeping banks open even when they are “the last in town” is a noble promise, and one which is important not just to local residents who may be unable to easily travel to the next closest branch, and thus rely on that promise, but also to the local community itself, generating extra trade for local businesses and supporting the local economy.

“Breaking that promise also breaks the trust that customers had started to re-invest in those banks. It puts less mobile residents at a disadvantage and risks the viability of local businesses.

NatWest cannot be forgiven for breaking their promise and putting the local economy, the local community, at risk!