Letter: 16 April 2009

Serve the taxpayers

I READ with sincere anger the failure of Medway Council to uphold its own motto to “serve” its residents in Twydall.

I fear that the decision to refuse alley gates to residents plagued by antisocial behaviour is entirely political and a disgusting way to treat law-abiding, yet suffering, taxpayers.

Having recently seen the state of the alley in question myself, it is immediately obvious that there is a serious problem.

The obvious and most logical answer would be to gate the alleys at night – when most of the problems occur – whilst keeping them open during the day as a short-cut for residents.

One has to wonder why Medway Council has been dodging the best possible option for residents for eight years. Indeed, one has to wonder why it has not already changed its motto to, as someone once suggested, “serving who?”, as in this case it certainly is not those who need its help the most!

Alan W Collins,
Goudhurst Road, Twydall

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