Letter: 24 October 2008

Verging on causing even more mayhem

IT IS good to see that Medway Council is taking action against people who park on the grass verges in Beechings Way (Medway Messenger, October 20).

Sadly, though, I think the council has gone about it all the wrong way; instead of getting to grips with the problem at its source, it has chosen merely to impose fines upon residents who feel they have no alternative.

The problem in Beechings Way, and more substantially across other parts of Twydall, is that as the number of cars per household has risen, the parking provision has not, and there was bound to be a point where residents were forced to take such action.

That’s not to say all cars are parked on the verges because there are parking issues: Some residents have been known to park on them when there are several places to park in the road.

However, most do park on the grass because they cannot park in the road and by forcing them to not park on the verges will make then park in surrounding roads, setting off a vicious circle.

I think Medway Council needs to stop and think logically before it imposes this action across the borough. The number of cars per household isn’t going to decrease, and without providing extra parking provision, all the council will succeed in doing is to cause mayhem, raising a bit more money and ultimately angering a lot of residents.

Alan Collins
Goudhurst Road,
Twydall, Gillingham

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