Letter: 22 August 2008

Undervalued: Grades not a reflection of students’ efforts

IT ALWAYS distresses me to see the media and, worse, the school leadership, focusing mainly on straight-A students, for example the head teacher of my school pushing the “best” students in front of the photographer present while we were opening our exam results.

Most of us put our heart and soul into our studies, working just as hard as those naturally-gifted students receiving the top grades, yet feel undervalued, as though our efforts are worthless because we didn’t get the top grades.

I got an A in Government and Politics and Cs in Computing and Spanish, and my place at my first choice university (the University of Kent at Medway, studying law) is confirmed. Does the fact that I didn’t get As across the board make my success and less valuable or worthwhile than a student who did? No, it doesn’t. Some people seem to forget that.

Alan Collins
Goudhurst Road