#CC17: 7 Days to Christmas

After this weekend’s frivolities, I think it’s time to return to the true meaning of Christmas.

I may be cheating a little here, as Amazing Grace isn’t a Christmas song, but it does remind us that when we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate the birth of God’s son, who He sent to save us.

It was also one of the songs at my wedding in July, and I have always felt that it is a powerful reminder of my faith.

That power is being presented here in catalan, as Mónica Naranjo performs the adaptation Avui Vull Agrair (“Today I Want to Thank”).

Whilst I’m sure most of you have heard the original in English, the Catalan version is not a direct translation. So, if you wish to compare the words behind the music, the Catalan lyrics roughly translate* as follows:

Today I want to thank life in heaven,
and celebrate that I’m alive with you.
Yesterday I suffered so much, but that is past,
with you I want to pray so strongly.

Today I will be reborn once again,
I will make the darkness become light.
I will live without fear, enjoying the world,
I will have my love close.

We fight because we love,
never be unsure about it.
Love gives meaning to this world.
We will win, we suffered most, do not cry any more,
we believe in hope today.

Thanking God that I am alive today.

* Roughly translated by me, so apologies for any errors!

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