Barcelona metro map literally translated to English with brilliant results

Ever wondered what Barcelona’s Catalan metro station names mean in English?

Well, reddit user teologico has recreated the metro map with literal translations of each station – with some hilarious results.

Now you know that when you are riding L1 from Santa Coloma to Can Serra, you are literally travelling from Saint Pigeon to Saw Home, whilst passing through stations such as Towers & Bagels (Torres i Bages) or the impressive Urwhatawave (Urquinaona).

Or maybe you are travelling from Maragall to Collblanc on L5, and notice Entença on your way through. Now, thanks to this handy map, you can see that you have, in fact, left Seatorooster and arrived at Whiteneck. That station you saw on the way through? Well, that was called Doyounderstanda.

I would, of course, advise keen travellers to take the translations on this map with a pinch of salt (or a glass of Cava!) and refer to each station by it’s proper Catalan name if you wish to enjoy a smooth journey!

You can see the full-size map – together with other people’s reactions – on reddit. The official metro map, including the tram and Rodalies rail stations, is available on the Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona website here (PDF).

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