Denmark supports Catalunya’s right to decide

The Danish Parliament has become the first parliament in Europe to discuss Catalan independence – and concluded by supporting a democratic solution.

The historic session last night apparently follows months of research by Danish MPs and political parties into the independence debate, which the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT) hopes will not be the last.

The debate was sparked by Nikolaj Villumsen, an Enhedslisten MP, who asked how the Danish government will “support the respect of citizens’ right to self-determination, in light of the fact that a large majority of the Catalan Parliament, Catalan Society and the Catalan government want to hold a referendum on independence?”

After 45 minutes of debate, seven of the eight political parties resolved that:

The Parliament of Denmark takes note of the explanations from the Government on the legal, historical and political aspects and international situation of Catalonia, and endorses the view that the question of the independence of Catalonia is a matter of peaceful and democratic dialogue between Catalonia and the Spanish government in Madrid.

Albert Royo, the DIPLOCAT Secretary General, said today that “the important news of the debate that took place yesterday in the Danish Parliament is that other European countries do care about the Catalan case, a fact that some prefer to deny, and shows that the debate is not limited to being a purely domestic Spanish affair.”

Independència és democràcia!

2 thoughts on “Denmark supports Catalunya’s right to decide

  • Monday 6 July 2015 at 14:09

    Dear Alan,

    I tried to found any docuemnt on the Danish Parlamient website and no matches found with the word Catalonia and I would like to found it. Could you please insert a link or something that show this is a true new?

    • Saturday 11 July 2015 at 08:38

      Dear Andreu

      The Danish Parliament only publishes official documents in Danish, so you may need to use a translation tool, but the motion, date and status as approved, can be found here.


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