#CC14: 9 Days to Christmas

Anyone who has ever worked in retail will know how annoying even your favourite songs can get when piped in through the shop’s radio several times a day.

When The Co-operative Food introduced its 2008 Christmas advertising campaign using Gabriella Cilmi’s Warm This Winter, I cannot lie, I fell in love with the song. By Christmas, after hearing it over and over and over again, it got so irritating that, when I was gifted the album for Christmas, I had to skip past the song every time it came on. In fact, the effect is so long-lasting that, when I heard it on the radio last week, I had to change to another station (sorry, KMFM!).

All of which is a shame, because, despite my poor attempts at selling it here, it really is a beautiful, feel-good song. And, as it hasn’t appeared before now, it features as today’s Countdown to Christmas video. In fact, this recording at St Pancras in December 2010 is a rare opportunity to glimpse Cilmi singing it live, where there seems to be no other recordings of the same.

So, allow me to present to you for your delight and entertainment, the wonderful Gabriella Cilmi, performing the delightful Warm This Winter, for no real reason at all, that’s why…

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