Please sponsor me for the Great Birmingham Run

On Sunday, 21 October, I will once again be donning my bravest pair of feet and tackling the 13.1 mile Great Birmingham Run course!

Readers will recall that I took part in the event last year, dressed as Mickey Mouse, to raise money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charities – completing the course in 4 hours 3 minutes and 7 seconds and coming 11,444th out of 15,000.

Well, this year I am running to raise money for the Medway Towns Branch of the Royal Air Forces Association – and have managed to persuade two other friends and supporters (Matthew Bairnsfather and Siobhan Weston) to join me!

My personal target is £500 – of which I have raised just under £300 so far – and as a trio we are hoping to raise as much as possible for the charity!

So please, if you know us personally and would prefer to sponsor us in person with good old fashioned cash, please get in touch to do so.

If, however, you would rather sponsor us online, please do so at

Thank you!

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