Letter: 1 March 2011

Appalled by Legion cheat

SPEAKING as both a law student and Royal British Legion volunteer, I was horrified to read about the actions of Geoffrey Henrick in the Birmingham Mail (February 22).

Where I live in Medway (I’m here in Birmingham visiting family and friends), I have been volunteering to raise money for the Poppy Appeal since I was 12 and have supported the Royal British Legion for most of my life.

It makes me sick to the stomach whenever governments (of whatever persuasion) betray the trust and relationship they have with our services and ex-services community, but to discover that the betrayal has come from a holder of immense responsibility and trust within an organisation that has campaigned tirelessly for our Armed Forces family since its inception kills a little of the faith I have for humanity.

Alan W Collins, by email

For background to this letter, see this article in the Birmingham Mail.

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