Letter: 23 June 2010

Here’s another MP for your list, Ted

I write in response to Ted’s letter about Medway’s two newest MPs remaining in their council roles.

I find it odd that he should criticise two Conservative MPs, yet fail to mention Labour’s Bill Esterson, who, not only remains on the council, but has also been elected as an MP, but more than 200 miles from his constituents in River ward.

At least Cllrs Chishti and Reckless are representing the constituents on the councilas they are in Parliament. And does he not realise that holding three by-elections in three wards would cost so much more than the £18,000* for keeping these three on the council?

Alan W Collins

* I realised, having seen the letter in print, that my maths was anything but perfect. That figure should, of course, read £27,000 – an approximation of the basic allowance multiplied by three – but my original point still stands.

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