Letter: 23 January 2009

Smart car is just a moneyspinner

IT was great to read in your paper that Medway Council’s CCTV Smart car is more than just a money-spinner. After all, it has only made a profit of £185,000. So far.

I suppose I should declare that I was a supporter of the Smart car when it was first introduced, and am still fully supportive of the principles behind it. However, it has been steeped in controversy, and it is understandable why.

I am resentful of the permission the car’s drivers have received to park wherever they please, whether it be on double yellow lines, pavements ot other dangerous places.

From the evidence presented it is hard to conclude that the Smart car is anything but a money-spinner. After all, if it was really introduced to combat dangerous parking which puts lives at risk, then I’m sure it wouldn’t park in the same dangerous places and pose exactly the same risk.

In the past couple of months two of my family’s cars were involved in incidents, due to either dangerous driving or dangerous parking. But where was the Smart car? Probably parked illegally somewhere.

Perhaps it might consider swinging by Twydall Green. There are always enough cars on double yellow lines to make it worth their while.

Alan Collins
Goudhurst Road

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