Medway Council recruiting traffic wardens

Medway Council are currently recruiting Civil Enforcement Officers, the formal job title for traffic wardens.

The job description is very open about the diverse responsibilities applicants are required to undertake if successful, including offering advice and guidance to members of the public on parking regulations.

The description also states that CEOs are “required to issue Penalty Charge Notices to vehicles parking in contravention of the parking regulations”, honestly adding that this “may incur some negative verbal interaction”.

A subtle way of saying you may get shouted at for doing your job…

Those interested need not panic, though, because for your ยฃ15k – ยฃ19k salary, you can also spend as much time as necessary sat in a heated council office completing reports after every incident while vehicles parked dangerously across the Towns are getting off scot-free.

Or words to that effect…