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As an amateur web developer, I can usually be found working on projects which interest me. From time to time I am also asked to assist with or produce projects for others. Whilst I am not a professional, if the project falls within my experience, I am usually more than happy to help.

All of my own projects are grouped under “PDB Media”. Additionally, where appropriate, any projects I have assisted with may also carry the wording “powered by PDB Media”.

Some example of the projects I have worked on or assisted with appear below.


Medway Elects

Medway Elects contains the most in-depth array of electoral history for Medway available online. Covering the period from the first elections to Medway Council in 1997 to the present day, Medway Elects provides election results for every Council and Parliamentary election and by-election. The website charts who represented which areas of Medway and when – and, where possible, provides access to expenses information and voting history (Council only).

Medway Elects also includes the results of European Parliament and Kent Police and Crime Commissioner elections and any referenda held across Medway, with plans to expand into Parish Council elections in due course.

Click here to visit Medway Elects

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