About me

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog!

I was born in Chatham in 1990 and, except for 4 months in Birmingham and 4 months in Barcelona, I have lived in Gillingham and Rainham all my life.

I studied Law at the University of Kent, graduating in 2011, and have worked in the legal sector since 2009, almost exclusively in the field of Wills & Probate. I currently work for a firm of solicitors in Walderslade and am continuing my legal training through the CILEx Law School.

I was an air cadet during my teenage years and am now an adult volunteer, in the role of Adjutant (the “boring” paperwork role) at Gillingham Squadron. I am also a member of the Royal Air Forces Association and have been the Treasurer of the Medway Towns Branch since 2012.

I have been interested in politics for as long as I can remember and I started blogging at the age of 16. Once regarded as one of the most popular political blogs, alas life takes over and the blog I started in 2006 closed in 2012. However, I have tried to continue to write topical articles on my main areas of interest, albeit somewhat less frequently, since then.

My guiding principals have always been based on liberalism and democracy, even if I’ve not always belonged to the right party to champion personal freedom, equality, transparency and democratic accountability. I joined the Liberal Democrats to do just that in May 2017, and, following the 2017 AGM, am due to take over as the Treasurer of the Medway Liberal Democrats in 2018.

Like many people, I am most passionate about issues close to my heart. I support the right to decide across the world because I believe in democracy, but highlight Catalonia in particular because of my close relationship with the region. I believe in parity between physical and mental health because “invisible” illnesses are still potentially fatal, but pay close attention because of my own diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. I believe in supporting those who have risked their lives for us in the armed forces, but focus my attention on the Royal Air Forces Association because my grandad was in the RAF and the Royal British Legion as the custodians of remembrance.

I write short stories and poetry as a hobby, and am currently working on my first novel. I also blog about football, as an avid Gills fan and Level 7 Referee, and technology.

Although I blog infrequently here, I can be found on Twitter most days putting the world to rights in 280 characters or less.