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This weekend, I received my issue of Independence, the UKIP magazine which, in this edition, is firing the starting gun of the party’s No campaign in the EU Referendum.

Part of this campaign is The EU Referendum Tour, where party leader Nigel Farage is touring the country, speaking at public meetings to drum up support for a No vote in the eventual poll.

Independence has printed a helpful map, illustrating where Nigel will be making the case for Britain leaving the EU, one such place being the beautiful seaside town of Margate in my home county. Margate sits within the North Thanet parliamentary constituency, next to the South Thanet constituency Nigel failed to win by almost 3,000 votes in May. It also homes the venue which hosted the party’s Spring Conference in February.

You’d think, therefore, that they would know where Margate lies on a map of the UK. You’d think wrong:

UKIP Geography

I appreciate that, on a map such as this, it may be difficult to get the location exactly right, but whoever created this particular graphic needs a hasty Geography lesson, as they clearly haven’t attempted to get the Margate label even close to its south-eastern home.

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