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After my announcement this weekend that I was leaving the Conservative Party, I received a rather tongue-in-cheek Tweet ahead of tonight’s televised Gillingham game:

@ well I do hope a group of blue gentlemen bring you some pleasure this evening!
David Sheedy

It was a must-win-or-at-least-draw game for the Gills, who had been displaced as League Two leaders on Saturday and now sat just one point behind Port Vale.

Three things married together tonight that meant that it would not be an easy tie to win:

  1. It was a home game, and home form has been well below par in recent months;
  2. Manager Martin Allen chose not to change the starting XI which beat Northampton on Tuesday, and unchanged starting IXs have been more lax this season; and
  3. It was live on Sky Sports, adding pressure to the Gills.

I tried, oh I tried, to put these three thoughts to the back of my mind as the game got underway. But, sadly, my thoughts resurrected themselves at the end of 90 minutes as the evening caused embarrassment all round for the Gills and their fans.

Embarrassment because the team failed to make or take chances in the first half and failed to turn up in the second, letting Wycombe run rings around them and, finally, score and win.

Embarrassment because so-called “fans” again decided to mark the final whistle by booing the team who are second in League Two, just one point behind the leaders and seven ahead of third-placed Cheltenham Town, and who no doubt are fully aware that their home form must improve.

Embarrassment because of this idiot:

Overall, tonight was not a good night to be a Gillingham fan. But, onwards and upwards, as they say. We’re away on Saturday. To League Cup finalists Bradford City. So on our form, we’ll probably win.

At least, I pray to God we will!

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